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Quarterly Update: January-March

January Success Story: 

Robbie has been enrolled in the Youth Program since 9/29/15. When I first met with him, we discussed his Employment Goal and he mentioned that he likes working with hands. He said that he wanted to get a job in welding or construction. Last year in November he was placed as a “Carpenter Apprentice” at the work site “Curtis Custom Woodworking.” Robbie got an opportunity to help Don Curtis (Owner) out at the workshop and job sites. He learned new skills like, measuring, marking, sanding, and staining cabinets. After he completed the program, Don Curtis had nothing but positive things to say about Robbie. He stated that Robbie’s work ethic made him one of the best workers that he ever had. He successfully completed this objective to “Complete a paid Work Experience” as of this month.

Youth Employment Program

February Success Story:

Krista, a young parent, has been participating in the youth program since November 2015. She completed the customer service training and took the exam this month. She passed the exam and earned her National Professional Certification in Customer Service . As of this month, she completed the Work Readiness Class and is currently receiving Financial Literacy Education. Once she completes that class, she can be successfully exited from the youth program, with all her objectives being met. 

Youth Employment Program

March Success Story: 

Josh, a high school dropout, has been participating in the youth program since November 2015. He has been employed part time at Price Chopper since December and is currently enrolled in High School Equivalency classes in Owego. He has been faithfully attending classes and will be taking the exam either in April or May of this year. This month he started working as a Dismantler Apprentice in the CCE Youth Apprenticeship Training Program for Goodrich Auctions in Newark Valley, NY. The owner’s wife Kathy Goodrich has already said how great it has been to have Josh there and that he is a quick learner. 

Youth Employment Program

The Youth Employment Program is a workforce development program offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension Tioga County in partnership with Broome-Tioga Workforce New York.

Through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) grant funding, we help out of school young adults (18-24 years old) increase their skills, obtain employment, and strengthen our local workforce.

Our Youth Employment Program is committed to helping young people gain the skills they need to find success in today’s job market. The main avenue through which participants gain skills in our program is through credentialing. Credentials come in two forms: educational diplomas/degrees and industry-driven certificates.

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Lisa Weston-Bialy
Association Community Educator - Youth Employment

Last updated April 8, 2020