Dairy cows graze on a fresh paddock at Murphy’s Grass Farm.
Image by Katelyn Walley-Stoll, CCE-Chautauqua

Learn about farming in Tioga County

Our Farms; Our Stories Interns Dan Chamberlain, Sarah Nixon, Claira Seely and Michaela Barry

Our Farms, Our Stories Interns: Dan, Sarah, Claira and Michaela

Stoughton Farm Sign

Farming in Tioga County is an important part of the fabric of our community.


Many different products are grown in Tioga County.

Our Farms, Our Stories

Our Farms, Our Stories tell the stories of farmers in Tioga County.

Learn about the stories of farmers in these three reports published by the Our Farms, Our Stories project team.  Agriculture in Tioga County plays an out-sized role in connecting our community and enhancing the quality of life in our rural county.  Hear the farmers tell their stories in the Our Farms, Our Stories film.

Project Reports:

Full Report  --a comprehensive look at farming in Tioga County as well as recommendations for strengthening agriculture in our region.  Includes the farmer profiles at the end of the report.

Farmer Profiles  --Enjoy getting to know some of your farmers in these farmer profiles.

Our Farms, Our Stories Film -- Watch this twenty minute film to learn more about farming in Tioga County.  Enjoy this glimpse into the lives of farmers in our area!

Project Goals:

  • To understand, document and communicate the needs and opportunities of the diverse farms in Tioga County
  • To relate these challenges and benefits to the broader community's economic assets and goals
  • To showcase the diversity of farmers in the region as they share their experiences with agriculture in the Tioga County community
  • To produce a body of work that will help communicate the collected stories, and make this available to decision makers and leaders in Tioga County

Who We Are:

Listen to the WRFI interview with Dan Chamberlain and Michaela Barry:  http://www.wrfi.org/2016/09/27/digging-into-farm-life-in-tioga-county/


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