Farm ponies at Kingbird Farm; horses
Image by Josh Dolan

Support Local Tioga County Farms and Farmers

Buy Local -- Support Your Farmers!

Agriculture is the backbone of Tioga County, and we are blessed with a great diversity of farm products, experiences, and value added products that are made right here.

How can you support your local farmer?

1.  Buy from Farmers--check out Meat Suite for purchasing quantities of farm-raised meat

2.  Visit Farmer Markets--here is the list of farmer markets in Tioga County

3.  Use the Buy Local Guide and website.  See the guide and website on the left side of this web page.

4.  Enjoy Farm Experiences.  The Finger Lakes Farm Country website is full of wonderful experiences you can have on local and regional farms.

5.  Learn more about the farms in your county--see below for the movie, Our Farms, Our Stories.  Watch it with your children to learn more about agriculture in your neighborhood.


Barb Neal
Agriculture Agent and Horticulture Educator
607-687-4020 ext 307

Last updated March 27, 2020