Late blight on tomato foliage

Late blight on tomato foliage

Late blight lesion on tomato stem

Late blight lesion on tomato stem

Late blight on potato tuber

Late blight on potato tuber

Late Blight Update


August 17, 2017--Late Blight has been confirmed in Steuben County and some of the western counties of the Finger Lakes.   If you wish, plan on starting preventative sprays NOW.  Remember, you may have to re-apply after heavy rainfall, so read your label.

The moist weather we have had this summer has really wreaked havoc on most tomatoes--lots of septoria and early blight.  Try to remove diseased foliage to slow the spread of the disease or spray with a fungicide.

Late Blight is a serious disease of tomatoes and potatoes.  Check here weekly for an update on the disease--the more you know, the more you can take steps to keep this deadly disease in check.

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Last updated August 17, 2017