Late blight on tomato foliage

Late blight on tomato foliage

Late blight lesion on tomato stem

Late blight lesion on tomato stem

Late blight on potato tuber

Late blight on potato tuber

Late Blight Update

UPDATE--July 18, 2018

Yikes--late blight was confirmed on June 15th, in Onondaga County on some tomato transplants.  Hopefully, they were all removed and destroyed.  However, it is time to start scouting for both early and late blight, and if you want to be sure that you will have tomatoes, consider beginning treatment for late and early blight.  The drier weather of the last few weeks should help keep the infection rates lower, but weather changes quickly, so be on the look out.

Also, some late blight was recorded south of us in PA, but no sample was submitted, and it may be a false alarm.  

Late Blight is a serious disease of tomatoes and potatoes.  Check here weekly for an update on the disease--the more you know, the more you can take steps to keep this deadly disease in check.

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Last updated July 18, 2018