Drone shot of HCF

View of Hilltop Community Farm

Hilltop Community Farm
Image by T Hanson

Hilltop Community Farm

Ribbon cutting at HCF

Ribbon cutting for Hilltop Community Farm

Hilltop Community Farm

Hilltop Community Farm, a 107-acre farm in the hills of Candor, will be a center for beginning farmers, youth and adults to connect with agriculture and nature.  We will be an incubator farm for beginning farmers, providing long term land leases and technical support, taking the lead in the growing regenerative agriculture movement.  Youth will be able to visit the farm, participate in 4H, learn about nature and ecology, and enjoy the great outdoors.  Farmers and homesteaders will be able to take hands on classes on engine repair and maintenance, farming techniques, and more.


Barb Neal
Agriculture Agent and Horticulture Educator
607-223-2753 or 607-793-6414 during business hours

Last updated December 6, 2021