Frugal Families

Managing the household budget can be a chore!  CCE Tioga offers educational resources and workshops to support wise consumer decision making through the Family Resource Centers.  

Budgeting Basics: Learn about setting a household budget and tracking spending.  Participants receive a free budget kit. 

Household Cleaners: Explore recipes for safe and effective household cleaners that you can make yourself to cut costs. 

Managing Time to Save $: Explore the wisdom behind the saying, "time is money" and learn new strategies to make the best use of both. 

Thrifty Holidays: Explore cost saving tips for holiday traditions and make a plan for your holiday spending that fits within your budget. 

Money As You Grow: Parent-child book club focusing on early financial literacy


Jackie Spencer
Association Community Educator - Parenting Education
607-687-4020 ext 305

Last updated July 23, 2018